• Living Wage Certified, with salaries ranging from $15.50 to $20 hour, based on experience.

  • Educators with specific Forest School training shall be paid an hourly premium (10% or more) as determined by the FSF Board of Directors 


Full-time employees (working at least 32 hours per week with at least 90 days employment) are eligible for the following benefits as employees of Forest School Foundation:

  • Employer pays one half of Social Security and Medicare taxes

  • Employees are covered for workers comp

  • Employees are eligible for state-issued unemployment benefits

  • Full-time employees are provided 12 paid days of sick time

  • Full-time employees are provided 5-6 weeks paid vacation for school breaks and holidays.

  • Lead Educators are offered a monthly stipend for supplies and materials.


Forest School Foundation will pay the tuition costs for two educators per year to attend Forest School training at one of our partner programs. Employees must cover the cost of their own travel.

We are passionate about building healthier, happier kids AND adults. Together we are contributing to a brighter future for our community and beyond.

Growing Wild Forest School is proud to offer one of the region's most competitive teacher salary and benefits packages, which apply to ALL of our staff regardless of hours worked or position occupied.

Read on for details, and consider joining our roster of talent!


Requirements to be a forest school educator:

1) A love of children

2) A love of forest ecology

3) A love of learning

Does this sound like you? As the demand for forest schools continues to grow in our community and nationwide, we have plans to expand our programming, which will also increase opportunities to be a part of our tight-knit family. We are always looking for qualified outdoor educators to join our team, either as substitute teachers, seasonal staff, or as full-time leaders. We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis. If you'd like to be added to our database of outdoor nature-based educators- please complete the attached form and we'll let you know when openings arise!