"I am consistently blown away by how much my high needs / very attached kiddo loves GWFS, no matter the weather! She is thriving in the outdoor environment and obsessed with the web trampoline. Her independence, confidence and emotional resilience have noticeably increased in a short time, and I can tell from the observations her teachers have shared that they are able to give her the individual support and attention she needs. She just seems more vibrant/alive overall on the days she attends forest school. We actually gave up a waiting list spot at a coveted local preschool so we could keep her at Growing Wild! I wish every child could have the opportunity to experience this kind of outdoor learning environment with such kind, caring and educated facilitators. It would be a different world for sure..."   - Ellie J., Asheville NC

"Ever since my son started the forest school I’ve been impressed of his ability to observe his surroundings and ID plants. He is actually teaching me a lot, explaining what the terms “diurnal and nocturnal” mean, what is the smallest group of butterflies and telling me the name of some plants I’m not yet familiar with. It’s not only him who is learning a lot but our whole family!"

- Annina R., Candler NC